Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So, I have seen some of my bloggy friends do these cute posts about key words that have led people to their blog. Most of the time they are worth a giggle or two. There are some folks out there typing crazy stuff in their search boxes.

I have studied my Google Analytics key words page looking for something, anything funny. There isn't much there! Most of the searches that lead people to my blog are quite normal and boring. Like.....
how to polish resin
how to flatten a bottle cap
how to make bottle cap pendants
You get the idea.

I did come up with just a few though, so here we go.....

take me with you badge blogger - not sure about this one, makes me think of "take me to your leader" though I think I understand what they were looking for.

because you are great, you are amazing - this isn't funny, just true, we are all amazing in our own way.

being sneaky - apparently someone needed tips on being sneaky.

blow up puffy - I don't know what to say here. They want to blow something up?

I'm rocking the suburbs - not funny either, just true.

In summary, people looking for odd things aren't getting to my blog. People looking for anything to do with resin, bottle caps, or polishing resin are.

I have been all about the bottle cap lately. Here is my latest. Zebra print distressed(by me, of course)in a smooshed bottle cap filled with resin. It's on a suede cord with a simple knot closure. I like simple.


Creative Coquette said...

LOL, as you prolly were aware I tried that American Idol Sucks as a joke and surprise it did nothing for traffic lol.

My keywords are pretty normal :P

Uniflame said...

How can you see which keywords lead to your blog?

smilemonsters said...

You would need to install Google Analytics. Which is a code that you copy and paste to your HTML code for your blog page. You can search for a tutorial on how to install it. It's not terribly complicated. I have been thinking about doing my own tute for how to install it.

I think that stat counters like will show you key words too. It's easier to do too.

Jo ;)