Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I love jelly beans. Only the Starburst kind though. Cheapy jelly beans are yucky.

I have ate to many jelly beans this afternoon and now I feel like acky.
This jelly bean photo is my project 365-day 38. Not overly creative or exciting but hey they can't all be. Right?

In other news.....

I signed Hannah and I up for the the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure yesterday. That will take place this Saturday. My great friend Kari does it every year so I'm tagging along on this one. It's something new and different for me. New and different is good. The title is misleading though. I will not be racing for anything. I'll be walking at a nice little clip. No running, I'm not sure if I could even run if I were being chased.
The proceeds from the race go to cancer research, early prevention of breast cancer, and medical treatment for those who can not afford it. I have a grandmother and an aunt that have battled breast cancer. So it's a cause near and dear to my heart.

Happy Tuesday peeps.


sAm said...

mmmmm....I love jelly beans. The other night DS & I were at the store - I made a scene about how we HAD to buy jellybeans immediately or they may run out at the store. This was as we stood in front of about 8000 bags of jelly beans. We didn't get them. I can't stop myself until the bag is finished. Then I feel icky. I have to be honest, though - I love them all!!
Hey - have a great time at the Race for a Cure (and you won't be the only walker - the important thing is you're out there!!)

Vanessa said...

I love the Starburst ones and the Jolly Rancher ones and the Sweet Tart ones. But not the regular ones. Now I'm hungry.