Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh Yuck......

I have gotten the super crappy news that my Grandpa isn't doing so well. So, for the weekend I'll be loading up the kids and Buster the wiener dog for a little trip home. It's only three hours to the little town in Oklahoma where I grew up, where they still live. That's myself, my brother, and Papa up there in the photo. Oh, and some big poor fish.

In other health news.......

My little one did something to his eye this morning that left it nice and swollen. This photo doesn't do it justice! TMI Warning: The actual lining of his eye was swollen along with the surrounding tissue. Therefor filling his eye with really gross looking mush like gook that was the lining of his eyeball. I took one look at him, freaked out a little, and called the doctor. Turns out some $75(that's the after insurance cost) eye drops should clear it up in a day or two!

Hey, notice that candle in the back ground of the photo? It's from Etsy! Etsy is all over my house!

Don't forget your Super Mammas!



Looks like he got himself a case of
"Stink eye"! ;)

...yep, salt water cures everything.

RWilson05 said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandfather, AND your Son! I will keep your whole family lifted up in prayer! I also wanted to let you know that I "tagged" you in a post signifying you're one of 6 blogs that I love! I truly love your blog, AND the ring you sent me! I haven't forgotten about my promise to PIF, and I have one in the soon as I can figure out how to host a giveaway, AND once my daughter is healthy enough to take out into public!! Here's the link if you're interested

Creative Coquette said...

O Nooooooos! I hope everyone is doing better. Sending you all much luvs!