Friday, May 1, 2009

Random Stuff Friday

Well, the swine flu is floating around all over the place. School, parks, sports complexes, all closed. For the moment, our school remains open. I would not be a bit surprised if it's closed soon though. Yeah, kids are great little germ spreaders. I am generally not bothered by this kind of thing but watching all the closings scroll across the bottom of the tele is a little freaky.

This was my ride this morning. Sweet, I know. Once upon a time.... I killed a lawn mower. Therefor husband banned me from ever mowing again. After lots of persuading I finally talked him into letting me tackle the back yard. It was in bad need of a mow, we are leaving town, I didn't want to pay the lawn guy to do it, and more rain is on it's way. So this morning I climbed on and went after our back yard that was starting to look like a jungle. I thought I broke the mower only twice.

Project 365 - Day 61

Project 365 - Day 60

I am willing to try just about anything once. Within reason, of course. Husband is a hunter and has left me at home for several seasons while he goes off and has fun filled weekends. If you can't beat em, join em. Right? He had previously told me he would love it if I would go with him. We're going to give it a shot. This past week he bought me a brand spankin new rifle. Isn't he sweet? It's very pretty and I can't wait to really get my hands on it. Learning new things is fun and I especially like being taught something new by husband. So, stay tuned, I'll fill you in on all my gun toting adventures. Let's just hope I don't start looking like Calamity Jane up there.

Have fantastical weekend adventures! I'm heading off to San Antonio where they have even more confirmed cases of the swine flu. Yay!!

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