Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Shoe Dilema

I have had my eyes on these.....

from Vickie's Secret for the low price of 89 bucks. They have worn me down with the constant flow of catalogs that grace my mailbox each week. I admit that the pretty gals with the near perfect bodies have talked me into making an order or two. $89 for a pair of flat sandals is hard for me to do though. That's the thrifty in me I spose.

Here is what I ended up with today.....These looked better on and plus they are Fergalicious. I say Fergalicious with a smile on my little face. 1. That name is ridiculous. 2. I'm guessing that Fergie let some shoe company put her name on the box for a small fee. 3. Famous people lending their name out to companies does not sway my decision to make a purchase.

Also don't forget that Famous Footwear will ship to your house(for free!) if they don't have your size in stock.

Have you bought your summer sandals yet?


Jingle said...

Check these ones out in the snake skin pattern:

Much cheaper and wicked cute! I know, I have them! LOL!

HanamiGallery said...

i like the ones you bought better than the first ones. i dunno the first ones look more like greek goddess, and unless you frequent toga parties i wouldnt know where to wear them!

Creative Coquette said...

I liked the ones you bought the best. I so can't do the thingy between my toes though, so it's always hard for me to find sandals but I managed to score some hot ones for when we go on honeymoon to Kauai :)

RWilson05 said...

I agree with the others... I like the pair you got better. The VS pair look like they would be less than comfortable, and not for all day wear... ALSO I didn't forget about your PIF giveaway. In fact I just posted my end of the bargain! My PIF giveaway will end May 30th! Thank you again for the ring! My girls' love, love, love it! =)

RWilson05 said...

oh and the link is: