Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Wee Bloggy Break

I have taken a bloggy break. I didn't plan it but it was a nice little break.

Here we go..............

Adventures in camping.
Our camping trip was good. I came home filled with family closeness, some new knowledge, some bug bites, and a whole lotta tired.

Taking a dip.

Taking a snooze.
Fletcher really likes to ride in Old Green, puts him right to sleep. I think it's all the bumping around! So here he is sleeping on a roll of paper towels and the camera bag of course.

We saw lots of these.

This is my dear husband preparing for deer season. He's putting up a stand in a tree that he will sit in during bow season. I like how it looks like he's really high up there.

I have always been the camping kind. My parents took us camping quite a bit growing up. Even though it's so tiring, it's relaxing in a way. I think because I'm released from my general daily routine and chores. Plus when you get home you appreciate everything at home just a little more.

Have you seen the New Moon trailer?


Vanessa said...

DEER SEASON? Already?? Utah's starts in August. Is yours earlier? Maybe he just wants to get a good seat :)

smilemonsters said...

No, it's not deer season yet. This is just the prep! He preps for it all summer long. Yeah, the best seat possible. Haha Our starts in the fall too.