Monday, July 19, 2010


Did you know yesterday was National Ice Cream Day? Well, it was. I tend to celebrate my love for ice cream more often than one day a year.

Nana Shari's Banana Ice Cream

2 Cups sugar
1 Pint of half & half
2 Bananas(mashed)
2 Cups of pecans
7 or 8 Eggs
1 1/2 Teaspoons vanilla
1 Gallon whole milk

This is for a traditional ice cream maker that has a 1 gallon canister.
I mix together the beaten eggs, and everything else but the milk. Pour that into the canister, then fill to the line with whole milk.

Obviously this is a pretty traditional ice cream recipe that uses raw eggs. Using pasteurized eggs will eliminate the salmonella risk. If you are still unsure here is a yummy cooked recipe.

Another tip: Place your canister, lid and all in the freezer about an hour before you pour in your ingredients. The cooler the ingredients and canister the smoother your ice cream will be.

This time we chose to omit the banana and leave it just plain old vanilla. Either way it's yummy.

We also celebrated little one's birthday........

With some of this.......

and this.......

and this......

and a little cake eating too.

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Jess said...

I celebrated! I didn't knwo it was national ice cream day, but I did indulge in 2 cones lol!

Glad ya'll had fun!