Friday, July 16, 2010

It's a Wrap

This week is a wrap.......
It's over.

We have been reading our library books. Not to mention teaching all about how to care for them properly. Still working on the concept of the library. "No, we borrowed them, we didn't buy them." Not yet anyway.

We were entertained by Sparky the sock puppet. It's an oldie but a goody. We raided dad's sock drawer, glued on some eyes and a red felt tongue. Good times.

At last, the results of the clay project. That is Saturn there, space ship, rocket, and a turtle. Yeah, it's a turtle, look close. I also had some shells from a beach trip that we pressed into the clay to get the cool patterns. Those turned out very ugly. Not photo worthy, even a little bit.

The Argo starch site warns that over cooked clay may crack during the drying process. I apparently over cooked our clay. The boys didn't mind a bit. Poke holes at the top of your clay for stringing on a necklace or embed a sturdy jump ring in the back like we did.

Have fun!

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Malissa said...

yay!! I didn't realize you were back! I am doing salt dough stuff with my little boy and his cousins this week. You can "bake" it in the microwave. I'll have to visit the argo site and check out this dough.