Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday = Latte

OK, so it's Monday again. I'm a coffee junkie. Love the stuff and can't live with out it. I must start my mornings with black coffee. After a few cups of my liquid jump start I'll add a little something.

Brown Sugar Caramel Latte

Brown sugar
Half & Half

Blend together your half & half(1/4 cup) and brown sugar. I say play with the right amount of sugar and caramel that suits your individual taste. I started with a tablespoon of each. If you like sweet sweet coffee then you'll love it. That was a little to sweet for me. I'm more like a half tablespoon kinda gal.

Now add your caramel to your hot coffee(3/4 cup).
Last, mix your coffee with your half & half mixture.

There ya go. A sweet treat that didn't cost you 5 bucks.

I freeze left over coffee in ice trays for a frozen treat later. Think same recipe, an icy afternoon treat.

Later today the boys and I will be starting on the clay project. They are excited and have asked me about it every 15 minutes since Friday. Stay tuned, I need at least one more cup of coffee.

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