Friday, July 9, 2010

Rainy Friday

Today was a rainy rainy day. Woke up to rain, walked out on the patio, found a new friend.

Out of a little boredom, the boys and I made a trip to JoAnn (craft store). We found some kid friendly crafty supplies that were 1/2 off. Woot!

The boys crafted cool glasses for everyone. Buster wasn't in the mood for modeling glasses.

So a heads up to all you mamas....JoAnn has all their kid summer craft supplies 1/2 off. This was $4 worth of fun. It was a kit that came with lots of supplies that will be used with other projects long after the glasses have lost their cool factor.

In other news......

I ate the left over strawberry filling with an apple today. Darn tasty.

Next week will include some clay, latte, and a little bit of birthday prep. Little Dunn's birthday is around the bend.

It's about to start raining again. I predict a movie night in my near future.
I hope you enjoyed your Friday!
Weekend plans?

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