Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What, it's Tuesday?!

I have been away spending time with family during a family tragedy. I'm now back and getting in the swing of things.

Finished this book. Good read.

I'm listening to this. I have never been much of a John Mayer fan but have found myself listening to this 2008 released album. Over and over. Music is medicine, I believe.

I come from a smallish town, where things like this take place. While "home" we took in a tractor pull.

Watching modified tractors see how powerful they are by pulling a weighted sled down a dirt track.

Oh yeah!
It was hot, sweaty, dirty, and mostly loud. The boys want to know when we are going back.

Hang in there with me.
Working on ideas and the possibility of getting some items in the Etsy shop. Today, a trip to the library is in order and a little shopping for some swap items.

Love your families people.

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