Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Highly Recommend.....

So this is the third week of "I Highly Recommend" on Thursday. I think I'll run with it, this will be a Thursday regular. So here are the recommendations for this week........

Thrifting and making what you find your own.
Above is a coffee cup that obviously belonged to someone named Pilgrim one one point(the name tag tape is still there to prove it), a cool wooden checker board that looks hand made, and a picture frame that I over hauled by making it into a chalk board.

Edamame aka soybeans.
They are the best snack ever with lots of salt.

Writing an letter.
A letter with photos!

Bistro chalk!
A super cool water based chalk marker so you can write love notes to your loved ones on the mirror, window, or yeah the chalk board.

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