Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Yep, that's a Jicama. It's not pretty but it's pretty tasty.

The Jicama actually belongs to the legume family though it looks similar to a turnip. It's also called Mexican turnip and many other nick names. It has a apple like taste with a crisp crunch.

Pick a Jicama with a dry skin that has no soft spots.
Peel off the brown funky skin to the inner white potato looking center. I cut it into thick sticks perfect for snacking. It can be cooked just about any way but I eat it raw, just like an apple or carrot sticks. Though I hear in Mexico the popular thing to do is marinate in lime and top with chili powder. HERE is a little read on Jicama and how to prepare it with lime.

High in fiber and vitamin C, low in calories makes it a super snack alternative.
Give it a shot next time your in the produce section.
I dare you.

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