Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Santa.....

Just a few things I have been dreaming of
Photo: A Blond And A Torch
I have had my eye on this ring for some time now.  A Blond And A Torch makes this and lots of other cool jewelry.  She's a Texan to boot. 

Photo: Origins
Modern Fusion from Origins.  
I'm out.  As in "banging the empty bottle on my hand to get the last single drop out" out. 

Photo: My phone
Cowgirl boots.  Sure, they are a little flashy but all good cowgirl boots are. Excuse the photo, I was on a shopping mission. 

Photo: Circular Accessories
Jersey cotton scarf from Circular Accessories.

Photo:  Japanese Gift Market
Envelope template.  If you get me this I'll never buy another envelope again.  Promise.

Just a few super cool gift ideas.
What is on your list?

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