Friday, December 17, 2010

Meet My BFF #6

My BFF #6.......

For me part of the fun of blogging and reading other blogs is peaking into other peoples lives. I know, sounds creepy but really I'm not. I promise.

Like when you drive by that nice house that you admire, the lights are on, and you get a little glimpse of the inside. Again, not in a creepy way, but a admiring way. The ohhhh that's pretty way. That's the reason why people put their Christmas tree in the window. Right?

OK, anyway, here is a little glimpse inside The Other White House.

We all know I love chalkboard. Here she changed some doors into an appealing and functional message station.

Sweet little no-sew wreaths she made from burlap.....

and an up cycled sweater.

Another re purposed sweater! Now they are flowery brooches.

She's famous for these.

I love these leaves that she skeleton-ized. I just don't know if I'm patient enough for the process!

Go take a peek into The Other White House and pick up a few ideas while you browse. Leave Heather a hello to let her know you were there.

If you'd like to pick up one of these gimme a shout.

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Thanks so much!