Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Teacher Gift/Post-it Notes

I'm sure teachers are overloaded with trinkets and coffee mugs this time of year. I imagine they have a closet full of gifts they will never use but can't get rid of because a sweet child gave it.

Hopefully, they all use post-it notes. Right?

So here we go, a teacher gift that takes minutes to whip up and they will use.
I hope.

Plastic picture frames - Walmart $1 each
Post-it notes - Walmart $1 each
Martha Stewart brand stickers and Zots glue dots - Michael's $8-9

Your going to use your photo frame laying down. Angled towards you.
Line up your post-it note pad where you want it. Secure it with glue dots.

Embellish the top and side with stickers. I kept it simple.

Wrap up nice and cute.
I used a cello bag with snowflakes. Tied up at the top with a coordinating white ribbon and wooden gift tag.

Our wooden gift tags are looking pretty cute and functional as part of the gift.
HERE is the tute for the tag.

I'll be linking up to THESE rad blogs.


Heather said...

Your blog is too cute! I love your button.

Heather@ The Other White House

Jami said...

This is a really cute idea! And yes, it is hard to find something a teacher will actually like and use, but I think you have done it! I may add some of these to my gift baskets! Thanks for linking up with me!

Krafty Kat said...

Awesomely cute! Thanks so much for sharing!

Tracie said...

How cute and simple too! Love it!

Kira @ Kissing the Joy said...

This idea makes me want to sing a little song. Not loudly, that would be weird. BUT, I have been wracking my brain about what to give my boys' teachers without bogging them down with clutter. SO CLEVER! Thanks for sharing, I will be doing this!

Susannah said...

I made a different-looking post it note holder using all of the same materials a while ago on my blog! Isn't it great to find a useful, inexpensive gift?

Great blog! Will you check mine out?

{northern cottage} said...

cute...teacher gifts are always good!

Daisy said...

Such a great idea! I agree that teachers are probably tired of coffee mugs and pencils, but they always run out of post its! Thanks so much!

Regena said...

totally brill!

Anonymous said...

Good idea! Beautiful!

Cat said...

SOOOO CUTE!! I was googling "craft tutorials", saw a pic of yours and clicked on it. So cool to discover it was you and that I already (internet) know you!! Totally going to use the idea. Hope you are having a great holiday season :) said...

HI, I just wanted to let you know that I saw your idea back in Dec. and loved it. I did a Valentine's version of it. Thanks said...

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I saw your post back in Dec and loved it. I decided to do a Valentine's version for my son's 1st grade teacher. thanks

Rachel R. said...

This is such an awesome idea! I would never have thought of using the frames lying down.