Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kids Love Forts!

What do you do with a stray sheet or in this case a table cloth


an old t-shirt?
You transform it into a essential piece for fort making.

1. Cut strips of the t-shirt. I started at the bottom and cut approximately 1" strips across. I needed 6. I wasn't careful here, just hacked away.

2. Once you have all your strips. Stretch them, that will make the material roll, therefor not seeing your ragged edges.

3. Cut them so they are now one long piece aka ties.

4. Haul out the sewing machine.

5. I placed my ties in a off set fold then ran a quicky zig-zag stitch. A seamstress I am not.

6. Sew your ties on each corner and half way on the longest sides of your fabric. Now, if your fabric/sheet/table cloth were perfectly square that may not be needed.

The boys sat and watched me do this little 20 minute project, they were puzzled and full of questions. Once I took it to their room and tied one corner they were amazed and delighted. Yay, mom! We have a no sleeping in forts rule on weeknights but the weekend is fair game.

Whaaaa laaa instant fort that cost me nothing but 20 minutes.

There are some super tutes on the net that make these into fort kits. What a great gift for the kid that had everything.

I'll be linking HERE.


Semalee said...

Great idea! You see these fort kits all the time for an arm and a leg!!

Here's another thought I just had! If your table cloth gets pulled off your table a lot, the tie strings could be tied to the table legs to hold it in place~ :)

Semalee @ Nailing Jello to a Tree

TiLT said...

Very fun! Now that my kiddo has a loft bed, I think this fort blanket trick may be necessary :)