Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine Cards

Remember that heart punch? Of course you do!

The original reason I bought it was to make the boy's Valentine cards to give their pals.

These are a few that I experimented with. Quite simple and easy to put together.

Cards or card stock
Pretty paper
Heart punch
Heart treat cups
Glue tape
Straight edge cutter(not a necessity but it makes things easier)
Your imagination

The few that I threw together are pretty simple but you could go Valentine nuts here.

I found pre folded cards at Michael's for 3 bucks per package of 20. Red might have been a better color but I couldn't resist half price. I cut them in half to make them a more Valentine card size. Double the cards for the money! That makes my end product about 3" by 4 1/2".

This is the one they like best. Now, I just need to practice sewing a straight line and pick up some red thread.

A sweet saying.

The heart punch and heart treat cups came from Stampin' up!

The inspiration came from HERE.

I'll be making them for teachers and friends too. Over all they are more expensive than buying that box of Sponge Bob cards or whatever your short one's are into. The finished product is loads better and worth the effort!

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Cat said...

that is the cutest thing ever! THat punch is super cool.

Molly Hammond said...

these are ADORABLE! i love the paper you picked (from michael's, right?!). thanks for stopping by threesisterz!