Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Sweet Give Away

I'll be sending a box of sweet Valentine goodies

to a sweet gal

that will be randomly chosen

on the evening of February 7th 2011.

Enter here.

1. Leave a sweet comment - one entry. Make sure I can reach you! If you do not have your e-mail visible with blogger I get an ugly message in the address bar that says: noreply-comment@blogger.com. Change that in your blogger settings. It's a snap.

2. Blog about my sweet giveaway - one entry

3. Tweet my sweet give away - one entry

4. I will send you these items and maybe even a surprise or two on February 8th 2011. Keep them, give them to your best friend, copy them, what ever you like.

5. Leave me a separate comment for each entry.

Thank you for reading and commenting! You all make it fun!


PS. I'll be posting soon about those silver hearts up there in the third photo. Super easy to make!

Oh and one more thing.....
If you have an Etsy shop or another blog let's talk ad space. I have some ad spaces that I would love to fill!