Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Basket Weaving 101

This is a little project I did about 2 months ago and didn't get around to sharing.

Newspaper baskets

You will need:

Glue gun

1. Trim off the fold of the newspaper with scissors that will give you sheets of about 12" x 22".

2. Fold your newspaper sheets into strips. Folding it in half length wise, then is half again, then in half one more time. You will end up with long strips like in the photo above.

3. Lay out your strips determining how large you want your basket. I used a catalog to determine size. Keep in mind that only represents the bottom of the basket, allow for the sides.

4. Get to weaving. Over and under and over and under starting near the center and working your way out. Secure every so often with a dot of hot glue. Keeping your weave snug. No one wants a floppy basket!

5. Once you have woven enough for the bottom of the basket start folding up the strips for the sides. Keep weaving.

6. Secure at the top edge with dots of hot glue. Longer pieces I folded over and glued or trimmed off if needed. This is where you realize keeping everything even while weaving is important.

This was the end of my basket. Due to my basket weaving inexperience I was left with a few short pieces. I made due by adding in a patch piece. See those short pieces there that won't complete the weave? I added in a patch piece(a short strip) with hot glue and completed the weave. No one will notice, unless they are a basket weaving master.

For cute factor and to hide a few imperfections at the top I ripped strips of fabric and hot glued to the top edges.

She lives on my night stand and holds all kinds of good stuff. She's perfectly imperfect and has held up well.

I have plans to make more with liners and maybe even a shot of spray paint. I like the idea of trying one with the shiny advertisement sections too.

I'll be sharing HERE.


Randhu said...


Amanda said...

This is fab, hubby always comes home with loads of newspapers, but I still feel bad chucking them all in the recycling! Now I can make some cute storage, thanks for sharing!

Shore Girl said...

What a cute little basket! That red edge adds just the right touch! Beautiful!!

Michelle said...

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Thanks for inspiring me!

Sybillinart said...

Great idea! love the finished border!

radn said...

Very neat! Just wrote a post of different ways to make Easter baskets from scrapbook paper! Newspaper looks even better!

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Heather said...

Neat! I didn't know anything about basket weaving until now :) I'd love to get some cute patterned scrap booking paper and make a basket out of those. I bet it would look like a quilt!

Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

This looks like a great project! I am always looking for a fun way to reuse newspapers and magazines- there's something about print on paper that I find so beautiful, and it really looks great in this project!