Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun For Kids Finds

As always, thank you to all of you that share your ideas at Fun For Kids Friday.

This week was hard to choose my favorites! I ended up with 3 things that we will try this week since it's spring break. A sweet craft for the kids, a yummy treat, and a little green.

Button Flowers - Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

Rainbow Fruit Pizza(and other great ideas in this post) - Little Wonders' Days

Shamrock Window Decor - Hands On: As We Grow

Thank you all for the inspiration and I hope to see you here again on Friday! I encourage you to check out all the links. There are some great ideas in there!



Heather said...

Cute! Have fun! Mmmm I want that fruit pizza!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring our fruit pizza! My family loved it and I'm sure it won't be long before I'm begged to do another one.