Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Invitations With A Bow

Printed invitations can be expensive and you always order more than you need. For smaller casual events just make your own!

I made these using Picnik, white card stock, and some cute ribbon.

Starting with a white background add in your text and border. I like simple, so these are simple. Print on card stock. Once you have them cut out you can add a cute little bow to the top.

Punch two holes with a regular old hole puncher.

Thread your ribbon through the holes. Don't pull to tight. You want a little slack there on the front side of the card. I like wire edged ribbon, it holds a cute shape and keeps your bow fluffy looking.

Now your going to thread the ends of the ribbon back through the hole on the back side. The opposite hole you put it though on the front side. Pull it through.

Your bow is starting to take shape! We have to do something about the ugly ends on the ribbon.

Fold it in half like shown.

Cut it at an angle just like shown here, towards the center of the bow.
Look at that cute bow you made!

Cute invitations that took you just a few minutes to knock out.

I will be sharing HERE.

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The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Great project Jo. A really simple way to make high impact inexpensive invites!