Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer 2011 Bucket List

We always have a mental list of things we want to do over the summer. The blog Little Wonders' Days inspired me to actually make a list this year.

Here is our summer bucket list.

We also color coded our list.
Trips or day trips = blue
Things we can do at home = pink
Projects = orange

Here are a few things on our list:

Trips or day trips(stuff we have to leave the house to do)
1. See The Alamo
2. Play putt putt
3. Visit the science museum
4. Visit the dinosaur museum
5. See dinosaur tracks
6. Visit the LEGO discovery center
7. Visit the zoo
8. Visit Grandpa
9. Swim
10. Go fishing
11. Camp
12. Go to a rodeo
13. Go to the tractor pull
14. Visit the local farmers market
15. Go hiking
16. Discover new parks in the area
17. Visit the library as many times as possible
18. Learn to skip rocks at the local lake
19. Visit the local sno cone stand as many times as possible
20. Go to a MLB game
21. Go to an outdoor concert
22. Go to a drive in movie
23. Swim lessons
24. Basket Ball camp
25. Ride a roller coaster

Things we can do at home:
1. Star gaze
2. Eat lots of banana pops
3. Catch fire flies
4. Practice baseball
5. Practice basketball
6. Put on a puppet show
7. Build things(my boys love LEGOs and blocks of all kinds)
8. Have water balloon and sponge ball fights
9. Pick a new topic to learn about each week

1. Make duct tape flip flops
2. Make zip lock bag ice cream
3. Make stepping stones(I have had the materials for over a year!)
4. Come up with as many popsicle recipes as possible
5. Make a terrarium
6. Make a bean bag toss game
7. Make a awesome rock collection
8. Build a rocket for the Cub Scout Rocket Launch
9. Make glow in the dark rocks
10. Make a bug habitat

We will be adding to this list as ideas come to us. We still have several days of school before summer officially starts here. We will be prepared for certain.

I'd love to hear your summer bucket list ideas! Link them here and we can all share our ideas to keep summer full of fun. Be sure to check out Little Wonders' Days link of Summer Bucket Lists too!



Heather Ozee said...

Love your bucket list. My girls and I should spend our summer with your gang :) Sounds like a blast!

Kassandra @ Coffee and their Kisses said...

I've been to The Alamo, and I was so depressed. I expected it to be in the middle of no where. So expect to see it in the middle of town or it will disappoint ya too.

Michelle said...

I LOVE Summer bucket lists!!!!

Karima said...

Hi popping by via Crafty Soiree. Now google and facebook following you, Karima xx

Rowberry Family said...

awesome bucket list for the summer! iam actually working on making ours as well, so we can hang it up on the last day of school!

i love oyur blog, come on over for a visit

have a wonderful day!

Little Wonders' Days said...

I love your bucket list!! I just sent you an email reply (your email went to spam, sorry!).

Heather said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and inviting me to join your linky party! There are so many good ideas for summer that my girls and I are sure to be VERY busy!