Saturday, June 18, 2011

Message Board

The boys wanted message boards for their bedroom doors.  After a little trip to the craft store plus using a few items we had on hand this is what we came up with.

We bought:

large wooden discs
wooden letters M & F
one sheet of scrap booking paper of their choosing

We had:
chalk board paint
mod podge
E-6000 glue
a clear spray sealer

1.  We sanded the discs to smooth out any rough edges and painted on two coats of chalk board paint

2.  While that was drying we traced and cut out the letters on our scrap book paper and mod podged them to the wooden letters.  Super thin layer of mod podge is the key.

3.  To take care of any of the paper that may hang over the edges on the letters use a nail file or small piece of sand paper.  It will file off any overage and look like a million bucks.  We also stained the edges of the letters to finish them off.

4.  Once the mod podge and stain was fully dry we sealed the letters with a couple coats of clear spray sealer.

5.  Now that the letters and chalk board were dry, using E-6000 we attached the letters to the chalk board. 

Hang on the door and write a cool message.
Now we just need to discuss how to spell visit-ers correctly. 

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