Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sun Catcher Butterfiles

We here at SmileMonster headquarters are coming off a week long trip of adventures.  We camped, hiked, explored, paddled a canoe for 10 miles, and marked off several items on our summer bucket list.  We had a great time and week away from home but now we need a few days to recover.  

These sun catchers are super easy and big on fun.

You will need:

Clear contact paper
Tissue paper

1.  Lay out a large piece of contact paper sticky side up.

2.  Let the kids add squares of tissue and glitter.  You can get more creative here and make tissue paper hearts, circles, whatever you like.  It's best to not cover the entire surface, leave some contact paper showing for the layers to stick to in the next step.

3.  Place another piece of contact paper on the top, sticky side down.  Sandwiching the art work in the middle.  

4.  Cut shapes of what makes you happy, we did butterflies.  

5.  Hang on a sun filled window

The bodies and antennae are construction paper that we cut to size and glued on.

Craft on kids, I'm going to rest today!
I'll be sharing HERE.


Bonnie said...

What a great idea! They look so fun. I am adding them to my todo list!


The Outlaw Mom said...

I love this. We haven't played with contact paper yet, but I know my daughter will really love the sticky-factor! Thanks for sharing :-)